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What are Progressive Web Applications?

There are usually two types of software which work on a device such as a smartphone or your computer:

  1. Websites, which require your device to be connected to the internet to work but are also usually very lightweight and can generally run well regardless of how powerful your device is.
  2. Applications, which can be installed on your device so that they can be used offline. Depending on how powerful your device is, they can take advantage of its hardware. Their performance usually depends on how powerful your device is.

Progressive Web Applications are regarded as the future of the internet because they combine the best of both websites and applications.

Progressive Web Applications can both run completely online to save space on your device, and they can also be installed on your device if you need offline functionality. Because they can run completely online, they can be used on any device that has access to the internet, even smartwatches. They are usually lightweight like websites and they can also take advantage of your device’s hardware, to perform specific functions such as using its camera and Bluetooth, which normal websites cannot do.

Progressive Web Applications are the result of the advancement of web technologies since the inception of the internet. This means they are mostly developed using website languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This means that they are faster to develop, just like websites. Industry leaders such as Google and Microsoft have already begun implementing them in their own ecosystems.

Most people who want normal applications usually cannot afford them because they are very expensive, they have to be developed separately for each operating system i.e Android, Windows, macOS, etc.. Progressive Web Applications are much more affordable because they can run on any device that has access to the internet. This saves significantly on development and maintenance costs. They can also perform most of the functions that normal applications can.

We at C-mple Solutions firmly stand behind Progressive Web Applications. We are experts at developing them and in fact, all of our applications have been developed as Progressive Web Applications, hence saving our clients time and money.

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